Top 5 Drip Coffee Pots for that tasty brew at home

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With coffee becoming a Millennial beverage more than ever, it seems like almost everyone is going overboard with their fresh brew these days. While some are obsessed with several cups for the goodness of their favourite French roast, some keep it to the limited sips. No matter what type of coffee addict you are, if you want to make yourself a steaming drink every day, look no further than a drip coffee pot, smart home-ware for coffee makers of all sizes.

Here are top 5 coffee makers that can help you make your favourite latte, no less amazing than a cafe,

Hamilton Beach 49980Z 2-Way Brewer, 12-Cup

Basic, medium or premium roast coffee, this hardy yet affordable model from Hamilton offers the best drip coffee in two ways, single and full. This black stainless steel made double brewer can serve you 12 standard sized cups in a single serving function.

What’s more, the coffee maker comes with a brew basket made of supreme quality mesh filter, multi-level cup stacks, brew strength selector, and a carafe-side water reservoir. It’s pre-packaged, and pre-flavoured Soft Pods will give you no fuss at your brewing scoop measurement.

Further, this unique Pod brewer comes fully equipped with programmable intelligence like a timer, clock, sensors, auto shut off, and auto-detection of your ideal drinking time. So, get ready to wake up to a hot steaming cup of Java every time you indulge yourself an extra hour of a nap.

Mr. Coffee 20 Oz. Frappe Maker

If you want to chill your throat with a homemade slushy beverage in the dead of the summer, this best drip coffee maker, from Mr. Cofee can take your frapping game to the next level. With unique sync of its brews and blends, this hybrid frappe maker is an ideal brewer for your mid-work treats and breaks.

Its blender grinds your frosty coffee at the push of a button, and its removable brew basket will give you no hassle at clean. What’s more, this all-in-one brewer is dishwasher friendly.

Want to add a few extras to make your chilled beverage more delicious? Its “pulse” blending feature will keep you on top of the consistency control of your favourite drink. To ease out your coffee making experience in the comfort of your home, you can also team this 20 oz — sleek jar with 4-cup basket coffee filters.

Bet you will not just end your regular cafe trips that break your bank at the billing every time but also stop adding those unhealthy and fatty whips of creams, chocolates, and sugary syrups.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black/Silver

Third in line, this stainless steel BPA free, programmable coffee maker will bring the Cuisinart’s best brewing and temperature control technology home. This dishwasher-safe pot is an ideal one for coffee lovers who want to enjoy every sip of the purest, freshest and flavoured roast. Guess what. This brewer comes with a unique Brew pause feature that lets you taste your drink even before the brewing has finished.

Available in both the shades of black and brushed metallic chrome finish, this premium quality appliance offers a smart concoction of technologies like dripless 12-cup pouring carafe spout, 24-hour clock and timer for decalcification, ergonomic handles, auto shut-off, adjustable heater plate, and Charcoal water filter.

Enjoy a 24-hour brew in advance, while the adjustable heat plate will ensure that your beverage stays perfectly warm to your taste buds.

Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

This drip coffee pot from Presto can make two to twelve cups of tasty, flavorful and brewing Java easily. It can craft your favourite cup in as fast as 1 minute. Built in an attractive retro finish, this brewer will flashlight every time to tell you when the brewing has finished.

Thoughtfully designed and easy-to-clean, this smart appliance comes with a long shelf life. It also comes with a perk tube, filter basket, and a spout for your hassle-free pouring,

This sturdy stainless steel coffee maker will always let you enjoy your flavoured cup of French roast steaming hot.

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, White, DLX1050W

Last but not the least this quick touch pot in the monochromatic shade is the best drip coffee maker. It comes with a 24-hour auto brew option and can serve you 12-cups of piping hot beverage efficiently. What’s more, it’s state-of-the-art features include intelligent programs and technologies like 2-hour auto shutdown, Easy-View Water Window, Digital Controls, Programmable timer, Auto-brew option, light sensor, and more.

While its dripless pour spout, stay-cool handle, non-stick warm plate and auto shut off details keep you close to the safety, its Sneak-A-Cup technology stops the flow of your drink automatically to let you enjoy a spill-free cup even before brewing ends.

Guess what, the water level indicator, and the measuring marks will keep you hassle-free at your scoops and fills. What’s more, the glass made carafe, removable filter shack and soft-touch digitised buttons will give you the most comfortable wipe and clean options.


In a nutshell, each of these smart coffee makers promises to serve you a graceful cup of tasty treat at home. While options are more than many, you can still select your appliance easily based on the technology that fits the best with your coffee madness. While some offer an ultra-modern look, some speak of their robust finish and technological advancements. Go through each and every feature and pick one that matches your long-term needs without breaking the bank. You will not only end up going to the costly cafe trips but sip a fresh and healthy homemade brew every time.