Best Single Cup Coffee Maker

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I hate mornings. I hate the alarm sounds that my phone makes every morning. It is reminding me that I have bills to pay so the need to wake up. I, however, do look forward to one aspect in my morning ritual. A freshly made cup of coffee hits my right spots every morning. The defining factor in how my mood will be in the morning mostly depends on the type of coffee I have had.

Buying coffee every morning added extra capital to my already tight budget, so I invested in purchasing an automated single coffee maker machine. Quality coffee is guaranteed by most of the machines available. This review targets the best single cup coffee makers that can be found on Amazon. The article will also provide individual links on each of product discussed.

Gourmia GCM5500
Gourmia GCM5500

This single cup coffee maker with grinder guarantees fancy coffee that is the same quality as any coffee in any established coffee shops. The machine is currently retailing at around 79 $. It has a look that is polished and attractive to look at. When purchased this machine is fairly easy to maintain.

There is usually a manual that instructs a buyer on how to clean the various parts of this single cup coffee maker. This coffee maker is ideal for anyone who has slow mornings; making coffee won’t be one of the tasks that will make you late for your job with Gourmia GSM 6500.

Cuisinart DGB-900BCC Automatic Burr Grind & Brew Thermal TM 12 Cup Coffeemaker

This single cup coffee maker grinder is designed to make coffee using freshly ground coffee. There’s not much that is needed to be done except placing the coffee beans in the coffee bean hopper, closing the lid and turning on the power. It also stores coffee warm for more extended periods.

The retail price for this single cup coffee maker is currently at 220$. The machine tends to make too much space due to the size, but it is designed to practically fit in any kitchen design and colour schemes in these kitchens, perfectly suited for any household looking for quality coffee each morning.

Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind-and-Brew Thermal 10-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker, Brushed Metal

This has to be one of the best cheapest single cup coffee maker in the market. The main advantage of this machine I can say is the brew pause option that exists. This option gives you the chance to pause the machine and drink some before the whole batch is fully brewed.

The retail price is a price that is manageable at around 98 $. It also has features including a charcoal filter and gold tone brew basket that make the quality of coffee to be improved. This quality single cup coffee maker is ideal for anyone looking for a coffee maker at a budget.

Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870XL
Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870XL

This coffee machine has the reputation of being described as powerful and affordable. It also has a reputation for making coffee that is of better quality than other machines. It is easy to use and also easy to maintain since it is easily cleaned.

This single machine retails at around 600 $, but it is money well spent with the quality of coffee it produces. The machine is also well designed with a beautiful design. This machine, however, requires an individual to be tech savvy when operating it.


Good, bad coffee can be the sometimes be the factor that determines how an individual tackles a day including me. Life is only getting harder and more expensive, and this also resonates in how pricing of coffee is calculated. A cup of coffee is going for much more than it did some years ago.

The need for a single cup coffee maker has increased since more people are now opting to make their coffee at home. Coffee is still of excellent quality. Amazon offers this incentive to customers by providing coffee machines ranging at all prices.