A Coffee Brief Overview

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Hearing “coffee”, we all think about the black bitter yet fragrant Espresso, a sweet and smooth Latte and its stronger version – the famous Cappuccino, a watered-down yet enticing Americano, and so on. So what do we know about this magical coffee bean, which has been deeply ingrained into our culture?

There are many things and tasks we can forget but who dares to forget a cup of coffee in the morning?

Origin & Development

Origin of Coffee

No one is so sure about the discovery of coffee beans. But legend said that coffee could be traced back to Ethiopia, there a goat-herder Kaldi noticed that his goats, after chewing berries from a bush, became energetic and he too chewed on the fruit. He wanted to share this vitalizing effect of the fruit to a monk in a local monastery.


At first, that monk did not approve its use and threw it to the fire, resulting in an enticing aroma and afterward causing other monks to check it out. This time that local monastery discovered the energizing effect of the berries and the word-of-mouth did the propaganda work.

Development of Coffee

According to ncausa, Coffee really flourished and its cultivation and trade were widespread in Arabian Peninsula. This fact was based on earliest trustworthy evidence that coffee did, in fact, appear in the 15th century, though the above legend sometimes is used to explain the belief of that time that coffee was brought from Ethiopia to Yemen (Arabian Peninsula).

Its next journey is then the Europe continent through the exchange of knowledge and culture between the Muslim and the Christian world. Then the New World – America soon adopted and turned it into their favorite drink. Today, as many of you know, the efforts of plantation of the Old World colonialists help spread the coffee around the world. Let’s see which countries now export the most tons of coffee for all world consumption:



Coffee production (metric tons) (2016 figures) 
















Why does it have to be the first thing in the morning?

Your daily joe is one thing that cannot be forgotten, everyone who experiences a day without a joe really knows the hardship and the mental sluggish, practically you are useless for the day.

Imagine that you wake up without any strength left to get out of bed, let alone to start your day.


For many of us, a cup of coffee might be the cure: it instantly animates your mood and suddenly all the consciousness comes back, bringing with it the reality of daily chores, annoying tasks waiting.

But have you ever wondered about its magic? Does its magic come with any side-effects?

Let’s explore some fun facts (scientifically proven) about your daily joe and why many are obsessed with drinking its creative combination with other additives, such as espresso, latte, cappuccino, café au lait, and other tons of Italian-based or French-based jargons.

Science Answers

The magic it brings originates from the substance called “caffeine”. This caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, heart and relevant muscles governing the blood pressure. In fact, caffeine raises your blood pressure, making blood flow more easily. 

The most renown effect of caffeine is mental alertness. This is why energy drinks, beverages contain caffeine, all the more so, when combining caffeine with glucose (commonly known as “sugar”) the drinks shall become more potent in keeping our mind alert all day. That is also what your cup of joe is famous for.

On a side note, caffeine has a mild diuretic effect, meaning you are likely to urinate (pee) more often when taking caffeinated drinks.

Health Benefits

More and more researches about coffee are yielding results supporting drinking coffee daily. Let’s look at the following benefits:

  • Preventing type II diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia (this whole group of diseases relating to your mental health)

  • May prevent some cancers (especially liver cancer and liver-related problems)

  • Good for your heart (when consumed in moderation)

    • But if you are not a habitual coffee drinker, you may experience nausea, headache, anxiety, and increased heart rate. Beware!

List of Fun facts about Your Daily Cup

  1. Do you know that your morning joe increases bowel movements, meaning you can easily relieve yourself? Trust me, first a joe, then comes out the poo.

  2. A special animal eats coffee beans and excretes the whole beans without fully digesting, and some culture uses that “eaten” beans to brew a delicious cup of coffee – Its name is Kopi Luwak. That animal is Asian Palm Civet, in other words, we can call this cup of coffee: cat-poop drink.

  3. There are 2 types of coffee: Arabica (which obviously originates from Arabian peninsula) and Robusta. Arabica contains lesser amount of caffeine than Robusta.

  4. Coffee helps to boost dental health. Only if you consume it without additives (sugar for example!)

  5. Coffee is not the second most traded commodity as some may believe! But it remains a billion-dollar commodity and important for many countries’ economy.

(Its estimated size of coffee export is roughly $19 billion, the math comes from John Baffes – a senior economist at the World Bank’s Development Prospects Group)